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One to One with Dr. Ding

One to One with Dr. Ding - 

Gateway to a better smile...
Hello, my name is Dr. Jeff Ding.  I would like to take this opportunity to briefly discuss with you about one of the major reason why a patient may seek orthodontic care and how it relate to the goal and mission of our practice.

Let me make a simple statement of fact. How others perceive us as individual is strongly influenced by our appearance. This is especially true during first impressions - in numerous but important casual relationships we establish in social occasions, in business events, or during school or job interviews.In every aspect of our lives, our appearance affects us.

Researches have shown our appearance have significant direct effect on our receiving care from our mother, receiving attention from our teacher, how we are treated by our peers, getting a job, receiving job promotions, and receiving higher salary.1-6++

Additionally, during childhood, how others perceive us and treat us has significant influence on our self confidence, our sense of well being, and may even influence our academic success. 7-10 ++


According to Hassebrauk, a prominent social psychologist, the smile is the second facial feature, after the eyes, that people tend to view when evaluating another’s attractiveness.11

As an orthodontist ,I cannot do anything to improve the appearance of the eye, but I can potentially improve patient’s profile and in most cases can improve patient’s smile.

Thus, my mission as an orthodontist and our mission at JD Orthodontics are to help our patients achieve their best smile so that they may confidently interact with others and confidently pursue their personal, academic, or career goals.

It is our hope that your interaction with us will not only lead you through a “gateway to a better smile” but a “gateway to a more promising future” as well.

++For references and brief summaries of the studies mentioned above, please click References.

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