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Resource area are divided into three distinct sections.


Section one is for individuals who are considering orthodontic treatment or had been informed that they may need  treatment.  This section provides general information about orthodontic treatments- indications, benefits, risks, and costs.  This section will help patients decide if orthodontic treatment is right for them.


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Section Two is for individuals who are about to undergo orthodontic treatment.  This section provides detailed descriptions of various stages of orthodontic treatment and what patients may expect during the various stages of the treatment.   Most importantly, this section provide patients with instructions on how to care for their teeth and braces during orthodontic treatment


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Section Three is for patients who have completed their orthodontic treatment or patients who are near the last stages of their active treatment.  This section describes to patients how to care for and maintain the changes achieved during orthodontic treatment.  This section also delves more deeply into various orthodontic topics that patients may find interesting.


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