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1Q1. What is the typical cost of orthodontic treatment?

What is the typical cost of orthodontic treatment?

There are six distinctive orthodontic procedures as defined by American Dental Association. These are listed below along with fee ranges quoted on the website of some orthodontic offices. Fee varies greatly from region to region and from office to office.

ADA     Procedure Description                                    Fee range


D8660 Pre-Orthodontic Evaluation                                    Usually free

D0470 Diagnostic Casts

D0350 Oral Images

D0330 Panoramic Film

D0210 Lateral Cephalometric Film                                              $300-$500

D8020 Limited Orthodontic Treatment- Mixed Dentition           $1500-$3000

D8030 Limited Orthodontic Treatment – Adolescent                 $1500-$3000

D8040 Limited Orthodontic Treatment – Adult                            $1500-$3000

D8070 Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment – Mixed Dent   $4000-$8000

D8080 Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment – Adolescent   $4000-$8000

D8090 Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment – Adult              $4000-$8000

In reality, the cost of orthodontic treatment are more complicated to determine and depend on the patient’s insurance, service provided by the orthodontist, and the financial policy adopted by the practice.

Following are some of the reasons for variation in fees:

  1. Patient has insurance plan.
  2. Patient chooses to utilize various credit options.
  3. Patient are charged additional fee for treatment lasting longer than predicted length due to poor cooperation or unfavorable growth.
  4. Patient are charged additional fee when patient request specialty service that would incur additional cost in material and fees or require additional attention from the orthodontist in providing the treatment.

Regardless of the complexity of the financial arrangement and treatment options, most orthodontic practices should be able to provide a fairly accurate estimate of cost of treatment at the time of the treatment plan discussion session.