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1Q2. How do I know if my child need orthodontic treatment?

Do my child need orthodontic treatment?

Unlike dental cavities or gum disease, orthodontic problems are in general not immediately pathologic in nature. Many mild orthodontic problems can be left untreated without any significant biological or socio-psychological harm to a child.

Some of the indication that your child may need orthodontic treatment may include the following:

  • When a child’s upper front teeth are more than 6 mm in front of lower front teeth.
  • When a child is teased about how forward his or her upper teeth are.
  • When crowding are severe enough to block out teeth.
  • When a child bite with upper front teeth behind the lower front teeth
  • When a child bite with upper back teeth inside of or edge to edge with the lower back teeth.

When in doubt, the best way to determine whether your child need orthodontic treatment is to ask your family dentist or pediatric dentist. All dentist are trained to recognize problems that are severe enough that require orthodontic treatment.