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2Q3. What can I expect after the initial placement of braces?

What can I expect after initial placement of braces and wire?


For most patients the first two to four weeks are a period of difficult and sometime painful adjustment.  The inner surfaces of our lips and cheeks are used to smooth surfaces of our teeth.  However, with the placement of bracket, bands, and wires, the inner surfaces of patients' cheeks and lips rub against these rough appliances and often lead to formation of sore spots and occasionally, ulcers.  It usually takes patients about two to four weeks to subconsciously train their oral facial muscles to avoid furthure trauma to the inner layer of lips and cheeks.


During these difficult period of adjustment, patients are given a small box of wax.  These waxes are used to cover any part of the orthodontic appliances that may be irritating to the inner surfaces of their lips or cheeks. 


Beside irritation of lip and cheek, most patients will also experience looseness of teeth and pain or weakness when biting food.  This is especially true when biting with the front teeth.  During this period, patients are usually advised to eat softer food and to chop food into smaller pieces and to chew with their back teeth.