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2Q4. Are there any diet restrictions during orthodontic treatment?

Diet restriction during orthodontic treatment.

What food to eat and what food to avoid during orthodontic treatment.   There are two reasons to avoid large pieces of food or hard food during orthodontic treatment.  First, teeth would be too weak or sore  to eat hard food and second, bracket can be easily detached from the teeth when eating large pieces of food or hard food.


Following are some of the foods to avoid during orthodontic treatment.

1.      Hard, raw vegetables – carrots, celery, apple, peach,

a.       Patients should cook their vegetable throughtly, chop it into small pieces and carefully chew with their back teeth

b.      Patients should chop their apple or other fruits into a thin small pieces and carefully chew with their back teeth.

2.      Hard or crispy snacks – corn chips, potato chips, peanuts or other nuts.

a.       Softer potato chips if broken into smaller pieces can be chewed with back teeth

b.      Unless nuts are well cooked or boiled, it should not be eaten during orthodontic treatment.

3.      Hard candy, chewy candy such as toffee, caramel, and chewy chocolate candy bars.

4.      All food and drink high in sugar content. 

a.      Presence of bracket and wire makes cleaning teeth much more difficult, significantly increaseing the risk of white spot lesion and tooth decay.  Therefore, all foods, snacks, and drinks high in sugar content should be avoided. 

b.      However, if patient do drink or each something sweet, the patient should finish the item quickly and rinse and brush their teeth immediately afterward.

5.      Avoid taking large bite or bite with front teeth (avoid large pieces of food)

a.       Avoid large sandwiches,  especially sandwich with hard bread.

b.      Avoid biting into an apple – even if it is soft.

c.       Avoid biting into a chick leg or wing

d.      Avoid biting into a corn on a cob

e.       Avoid biting into a large burrito

f.       All these food can be eaten if sliced into smaller and thinner pieces and delivered to the back of the mouth and chewed carefully with back teeth.

6.      Avoid any food that may have unexpected hard substance  buried in it.

a.       Avoid ice cream with chocolate chips or nuts

b.      Avoid peach with peach pits