1Q1. Initial Consultation

Initial consultation


Most orthodontic office offer a free initial consultation. During the initial consultation, the orthodontist will go over patient’s medical history, dental history, and chief complaint (primary reason for seeking orthodontic treatment).

The orthodontist will then go over any records or radiographs patient may have brought with him or her. If patient have not had any recent radiograph, a panoramic radiograph will be taken. The orthodontist will then conduct a facial, extra oral, and intra oral exam to evaluate for any obvious dental problems or periodontal disease.

Orthodontist will then initiate intraoral orthodontic examination. Checking patient's occlusion, missing teeth, crowding, and other orthodontic problems

Orthodontist will also be evaluating patient’s profile, TMJ, patient’s teeth and lip position during smile, during speech and when relaxed, and patient’s dental bite relationship.


Upon completion of initial exam, the Orthodontist may then discuss with patient what problems he or she have observed and come to agreement with the patient which problem or problems should be treated. Orthodontist will then determine a tentative treatment plan that would address the problems discussed. Once the orthodontist and the patient come into agreement about the tentative plan, the orthodontic staff will inform the patient the approximate fee of the treatment.


At this point, the patient may choose to continue and have initial records taken for more definitive diagnostic evaluation and treatment planning or to seek second opinion from another orthodontist.