1Q2. Initial Patient Record

Initial Orthodontic Record

Initial patient records usually consist of the following:

  • Patient photos – Intra oral and facial photos
  • Panoramic film – If not taken within one year
  • FMX – (for patient 18 and older) if not taken within one year
  • Any additional intra oral films – for any area that require more detail view
  • Lateral Cephalometric film
  • Dental impression to make dental models


Patient photos consist of three facial view and five intra-oral views

  • Facial views – frontal serious, frontal smiling, and profile view – patient facing left.
  • Intra oral views – front view, right side, left side, upper jaw, and lower jaw.

In addition to the basic views, other view may be necessary for diagnostic purposes

  • Additional facial views – left and right ¾ views, profile view- patient facing right, bird eye view, worm eye view, front view with bite slightly open, front view with jaw shifted back or forward.
  • Some office may even take a brief video of patient speaking.

Panoramic radiograph, additional intraoral radiograph, and FMX (Full mouth xray)

  • These radiograph will be required if previous ones were taken more than a year ago.
  • Orthodontist must obtain a copy of previous radiograph or new radiograph must be taken before initiating orthodontic treatment.

Lateral cephalogram

  • This x ray views are usually not taken at the office of general dentist and therefore, will need to be taken at the orthodontist’s office.