2Q2D. Detail and Finish

Detailing and Finishing

Depending on treatment method or technique, detailing and finishing con be as short as three months or as long as a whole year.

Currently many orthodontist uses straight wire with pre-adjusted edge wise bracket. In general, with straight wire technique, by the time one have corrected the vertical and sagittal problem, detailing and finishing should be completed within 3 to 6 month.

Detailing and finishing stage are not marked by any specific orthodontic prolems. Rather, it is a stage of treatment when most of the major movements required to correct transverse, vertical, and saggital problems have already been completed. There may still be some minor problems in any one of the three dimensions, however, the problem should be so minor that it can be corrected within six months.

Some of the orthodontic problem corrected during detailing and finishing stage may include the following:

1. Final solidifying and articulation of the patient’s bite.

2. Final correction of the root angulations

3. Final correction of rotoations. This may require slenderizing of teeth.

4. Final clousure of the minor spaces.

5. Final definition of OJ.

a. May need to do IPR on lower

b. May need to redistribute upper spacing distal to upper lateral incisors for bonding or veneer.

6. Final definition of OB (final vertical correction)

7. Final esthetics adjustment of anterior teeth.

8. Final occlusal adjustment of posterior teeth

9. Final minor sagittal correction

10. Final minor midline correction


Detailing and finishing is a catch all stage of the treatment where all final details of occlusion and esthetic are adjusted to a perfect or near perfect finished product.