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To see our Schedule of Orthodontic Services please click the hypertext link. This is our current schedule of orthodontic services and general fee ranges before any discounts. When you visit our office for a free consultation, Dr. Jeff Ding will determine your case difficulty and estimated treatment time. A detailed explanation of all apparent orthodontic problems will be presented. If orthodontic treatment is necessary, our office will give you a written estimate and a customized payment plan. We accept most insurance plans, credit cards, debit cards and checks. We also offer no down payment plans as well as no interest monthly payment plans. We pride ourselves in making orthodontic treatment affordable at JD Orthodontics.

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IF ORTHODONTIC INSURANCE covers all or part of the case fee, it may be paid directly to our practice or to the policyholder as agreed to by each party. The FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE PARTY must pay whatever part of the account balance not paid directly to the practice by the insurance company.

DISCOUNT INSURANCE PLANS in most cases provide a 15% to 25% discount off our published fee schedule. As a rule our office charges a "flat" or "bundled" fee that includes one or more of the orthodontic services listed on our fee schedule. When quoting a discounted fee our office computes the fee on "unbundled" or full fee for service basis with no professional discounts.

For example, an orthodontic case for child may require the following services from our published fee schedule (See Sections A -E): A: Initial Diagnostic Records Inclusive - $300; D: Comprehensive Treatment of Adolescent Dentition - $4,700; E: Appliance(s) Removal, Construct & Place Retainer(s) - $850. The total fee before discounts would be $5850. A 25% fee reduction would make your final cost $4,388. All other discounts or coupons would not apply to this type of insurance plan.

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