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· Nearly invisible less than 3 feet away.

· Invisible more than 3 feet away.

· Removable

o Allow patients to more easily clean their teeth.

o Patient can eat any food their sensitive teeth can tolerate.

o Can choose not to use aligner during important social occasions.

· Very good at resolving minor crowding and close small generalized spaces.

· Shorter adjustment time and shorter chair time.


· Removable

o Treatment results are less predictable when patient wear aligner for less than 20 hours a day or less than 6 days a week.

o Trays may be lost and replacements may need to be made.

· Certain tooth movement may be difficult to achieve or move inefficiently with aligners. These difficult movements include the following:

o Rotation of certain tooth.

o Closing large space.

o Resolving significant crowding.

o Extrusion of undererupted tooth.

· Because of difficulty in achieving certain tooth movements, following events may occur.

o More treatment plan with Interproximal tooth reduction (IPR) or greater amount of IPR.

o May require brief use of braces for treatment that require difficult movements.

o Multiple “midcourse adjustment” or “refinement” may be necessary to complete a

more difficult cases.

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